1970’s Kustom 150 4×10 combo Green Sparkle Tuck & Roll $675.00

Awesome! These are great sounding and cool looking! Reverb is deep, trem is classic but the best part is when you turn the trem to vibrato, the amplitude modulation turns to pitch modulation. As I said, awesome! 4×10 inch speakers, 100 watts. Cosmetic are nice, see pics for small flaws.

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2006 Fender 52 Re-issue Telecaster only 6lb 4oz $1500.00

Very light weight! 6lbs 4oz. Swamp ash. Killer tone! Frets are in great shape. Action is real nice. Neck has the nice, fat 50’s feel. Changed pick guard, original case. Some nicks but not bad…honest, real wear. Not relic.
Bridge PU is an after-market noisless tele pickup.

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1970’s Fender Bassman Head 50w – Call$

This is a mid 70’s Fender Bassman 10 that was once a 4×10 combo. Jim Walton, one of Philly’s top amp repairman “chopped” it so now it is a very portable 50w head with blonde Tolex. The job is totally professional and looks factory.
I understand that the Bassman 10 is identical to the Bassman 50w head. If you are looking for a Bassman and you like your gear to look different and have a story behind it, then this is a good one to own! Oh, and it sound killer! Crank it to 10 and hear it roar with guitar!
Has newer tubes and has been recapped.
Has a 1/4″ output on back. Probably not original. I believe it is a line out. 2 knobs are re-issue. Amp has bumps and bruises and is road worn an a very classic way. See pics for condition.

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Electra LP Guitar w/built-in effects MPC Super Rock 70′ $550.00

Very cool lp copy. Set-neck, actual carved maple top (not pressed), mahogany body and neck, abalone block inlay and tortoise binding. Guitar is really well made and all original except for tuning pegs. Action is great and tone is sweet. Effect modules are overdrive and fuzz. These are removable and other effects can be installed.call works and professionally setup! Comes with original hard case! One switch tip is broken.

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1950’s Melody Tube amp $450.00

Very cool little Japanese amp from the 50’s. Very low wattage, breaks up beautifully! Runs on one 6AR5 RCA power tube. Has KILLER tremolo and one 10″ albino speaker. Very clean and just serviced!

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1970’s Lyon and Healy harp Troubadour $1800.00

Nice old harp in great shape! All works. 33 strings! Comes with original gigbag. Local pickup in Philadelphia only.

harp 1 harp 2 harp 3 harp 4 harp 5 harp 6


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1993 Vox AC30-British made-Korg era- $1100.00

Nice sounding AC30! Made in England. Amp has vibrato and tremolo. Top-boost model. All channels are clear and breakup beautifully. Amp is in excellent condition, though there are some bumps and bruises here and there (see pics). No footswitch. Blow-out sale this week. Will raise it up well over $1500 next week if it doesn’t sell. Jump on the deal quick!


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1931 Weymann Parlor guitar Koa $Call

What an amazing rare old piece! The story from the grand daughter of the original owner was, this guitar was bought in the early 30’s, her grandfather played it to woo her grandmother. Once she married him, he never touched it again. It has been sitting in a case since the 30’s! The guitar was tuned up and yet, the neck is perfect. The slight V shape of the back of the neck is super cumfy and adds to its strength and rigidity. The old-growth tree that this was probably made out of is so strong, the wood will not bow. I have 12 gauge Elixers on here. My first inclination was to use Silk and Steel, but the tension was too low to make it speak. These strings are perfect. The original frets show almost no wear. There are no cracks, repairs or loose braces. Neck joint is tight.
What I love about this guitar is the wide flat feel of the fretbaord. Nut width is 1 11/13″. The action is nice and low with no buzzing. The sound is beautiful! The small Koa body is loud and full. All the pieces used on the body are book matched and the head has a nice rosewood cap. The tail piece/bridge arrangement had me worried that it wouldn’t resonate, but I was wrong. The tone is sweet, punchy, with a slight boxy tone that gives it its personality. It’s so fun to play you do not want to put it down! The guitar has a real early Martin vibe. I was told Martin made some Weymanns, and I would not be surprised if this was one of them. If not, it is on par with the quality of an old Martin. The original hard shell case is in great shape as well. Guitar was originally strung to play Hawaiian style with nut jack. Original Ree Lax slide and picks and nut jack included! Own a piece of history with a great story behind it!

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Roland Jazz Chorus 120 Amplifier $550.00

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Fender Tape Echo $550.00

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