Sekova, Teisco, Avalon? 4 pickup 60’s Sunburst Electric Guitar $1,150

 got this guitar with nothing except the body and the neck. No parts. I had a black one a few years ago so I was familiar with model. I made the pickguards based on the shadow left on the finish. The pickguards are red sparkle with a white trim. The mirrored plates are made of mirrored plastic. The pickups are re-issue Harmony gold foil single coils. They are made in Japan and have a nice crisp attack to them with a decent amount of output. They sound substantially better then the originals, and still have a great retro look. The switches are the same that I use on my DiPinto Galaxie guitars. The tremolo is from an old Hagstom and the bar is a Galaxie bar. The tuners are Kluson style re-issues with white plastic buttons. The guitar plays nice and sounds super cool. I seem to remember a Sekova label on the last one I had. There are two slide switches. One had an EMG resistor wired to it and it cuts lots of highs to produce bass tone. The other has a “dummy coil” pickup wired to it and it acts like a choke to cut out lows for a treble tone. The knobs are volume and tone.

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1957 Sunburst Gibson ES125T 3/4 $1,600

a1 a2 a3  a4 a5 a6 a7 a8 a9 a10 a11 a12 a13 a14 a15 a16This amazing LITTLE old 125 came to us from a man who bought it used in 1966. He stopped playing in 1967 and put it away for almost 50yrs. He said it hasn’t been played since. Tuners were disintegrated as was expected and old flatwounds were still on. I re-buttoned the tuners (I’ve done many Kluson re-buttons) with re-issue buttons and the the thing plays and sounds amazing!!
The action is perfect with no buzz. The tone from the old P-90 is killer! 
The guitar measures 38″ overall and is great for anyone who like small guitars. The scale length is 23″, an inch shorter that a fender Mustang. It is all original except for the buttons.
There is no checking, cracks, repairs or major scratched or dings. There are some nicks on the head (see pics). Come with original gig bag in EX condition.

Own a piece of history at a great price!


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1948 Epiphone Electar Zephyr Amp $875.00

Amazing, original, old Electar amp! Sounding beautiful and back in action thanks to our amp tech Brandon Sheppard, maker of Black Sheep amps! Almost all wires needed replacing. Caps and small components were old as well. Still has original transformers, tube sockets and, most importantly, the original field coil speaker. Also, has original Sylvania tubes which are worth a pretty penny on their own. Amp sounds killer and looks super cool! Lacquer discolored in an odd way, but gives it a great relic look. Very rare amp!

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1978 Gibson The Paul-Walnut-$795.00

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1960’s Silvertone By Harmony Bobcat

These old Bobcats are super cool! Foil pickups sound great! Action is sweet and neck is straight. 24″ scale length like Jaguar. All original. Some nicks and scratches but not bad.

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1950’s Stella/Harmony Sundale with Two Tone Stencil $300.00

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1976 Fuzz Face! $625.00


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1970’s Kustom 150 4×10 combo Green Sparkle Tuck & Roll $675.00

Awesome! These are great sounding and cool looking! Reverb is deep, trem is classic but the best part is when you turn the trem to vibrato, the amplitude modulation turns to pitch modulation. As I said, awesome! 4×10 inch speakers, 100 watts. Cosmetic are nice, see pics for small flaws.

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2006 Fender 52 Re-issue Telecaster only 6lb 4oz $1500.00

Very light weight! 6lbs 4oz. Swamp ash. Killer tone! Frets are in great shape. Action is real nice. Neck has the nice, fat 50’s feel. Changed pick guard, original case. Some nicks but not bad…honest, real wear. Not relic.
Bridge PU is an after-market noisless tele pickup.

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Electra LP Guitar w/built-in effects MPC Super Rock 70′ $550.00

Very cool lp copy. Set-neck, actual carved maple top (not pressed), mahogany body and neck, abalone block inlay and tortoise binding. Guitar is really well made and all original except for tuning pegs. Action is great and tone is sweet. Effect modules are overdrive and fuzz. These are removable and other effects can be works and professionally setup! Comes with original hard case! One switch tip is broken.

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