The American Flag guitar, reinvented…

I originally published this post on August 16th, and then immediately yanked it, due to Dave Mustaine showing up in the news that very same day (and not in a good way).…some time has passed and it seems to have blown over, so I thought I’d put it back up, enjoy!

I’ve never been a big  fan of Megadeth,  I’ve always thought of Dave Mustaine as the quintessential tragic character in the high drama of thrash and metal.  Even though lately it seems as though his sense of profound injustice has morphed into common old-man grumpiness (and what’s with the hair?  Bangs? at his age?) I find myself grateful to him for the segue provided by is Mako signature model acoustic guitar by Dean.

See through flag graphic shows how guitars will be braced in the future.

So, why late to the party do you ask?  Well,  the time to introduce a guitar with American flag graphics is past, the real time to do this was when our country swelled with patriotism right after 9-11.  Witness my photos from the January 2002 NAMM show:


So, thanks to Dave Mustaine for reminding me about my collection of USA #1 guitar photos.

More info about Dave Mustaine’s Mako guitar:

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