Don’t buy the mistakes of the past

Modern-retro guitars can be a thing of beauty but don’t just settle for an exact re-issue of an old guitar. Those old 50’s & 60’s guitars were cool looking but are often rife with design flaws. And many companies are just sending old, neat looking guitars to China or Korea and having their factories copy them with all their original problems. For instance problems such as poor string angle, pickups that will not adjust to the proper height, and just downright uncomfortable necks are just a few things that appear on these modern re-issues. It takes a luthier with years of experience to re-design an old old-ball guitar properly in order to make it play right while retaining its original beauty and bizarre charm.
I design my guitars with the player in mind while not compromising the look and sound often found on those wild old 60’s guitars. When searching for a guitar with the perfect look, there is no reason to compromise on quality. DiPinto guitars are designed to deliver. Don’t take my word for it, Google “DiPinto Quality”. The reviews speak for themselves. –Chris DiPinto

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