Frankenstrat’s Monster

Old Fender strats are all too often the victim of bad “customization”. Don’t get me wrong, I love Eddies Frankenstrat but he was a genius and the rest of us just aren’t (at least when it comes to altering old strats).

Here is an old 3-bolt that has numerous routes including humbucker routes, battery compartments and a hole that housed 3 mini toggles.  The pickguard hid the former holes but the latter hole cut right into the top horn.

Strat route






The three holes filled easily with wood dowels. Then I had to devise a good way to cover the back hole. The finish was already stripped so I decided to do a solid color finish. The solid color would also help hide the repair work.

Now most people would just through a bunch of filler in there and sand it flat, and that would look pretty good…for about a month. After that the filler and the wood would start to move and the outline of the route would become clear. The only way to do it right as to make a new wood cap for the hole.

Cut down the backMy first step was to route a 1/2″ off the back of the horn with a nice straight edge. I then cut a piece of ash and cut it to fit over the horn, but just a little big. I glued it with wood glue so it was tight.



Glue in new piece of woodAfter it was glued on, I shaped the new piece with rasps and wood files. With the proper care and time I got a real nice fit.


Shape to finish

Next I plan to do it up in the same type of finish used in the seventies. I can’t decide on a color though…I’m thinking Uli John Roth yellow. What do ya think?

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