How to start a guitar company

Back in March I made my family cut our spring break vacation a few days short so I could make it to a rock show.  Cause I’m that devoted. The show in question was Redd Kross and it was totally worth it.

They played all the hits,  and some songs from their new album (which is awesome).  In the between-song banter Jeff McDonald mentioned that they hadn’t played in Philly in 15 years, and  mid set he put away his oddball Guild and pulled out a no-name parts-guitar  with a sparkly gold strat body.  People respond to a sparkly guitar, that’s something we know pretty well here and DiPinto.  He definitely got a reaction from the crowd, and I’m guessing he did every night.  And maybe that’s what prompted him to say tell the audience that if they liked the guitar, they could soon buy their own, ‘Check our facebook page’, he said,’ I’ll be putting all the details of my new guitar company up soon.’  I couldn’t tell if he was joking or not. When I got home I did check their facebook page just to make sure.

It made me think of every conversation I’d ever had with someone who wants to have their own guitar company, it goes like this, someone asks; Do you think I should start my own guitar company? And to  that I have two answers 1.  No. 2.  Are you sure you really want to?

It’s totally unfair that I spend most of my days at work mired in banking and accounts payable.  There is a lot of fun stuff that happens here, but a lot of boring business things that need to be taken care of.  The lights need to stay on, that’s always  the first challenge. Then the second is coming up with the awesomest new guitar design, the third is getting that design made, marketed and in the hands of amazing players who can show it off.  That can be the most daunting of all.  I always used to think of advertising as the enemy (thank you punk-rock) but now I realize that if you don’t get your message out, you don’t exist.  We can make the most amazing sparkly or chrome plated guitar in the world, but there’s no point if we can’t convince guitar players that this is the guitar for them.

Can you figure out what you’re looking at? It’s mightily awesome.

Marketing is hard work and not always fun but we are finally getting the hang of it…keep an eye out for us in the future and you will see lots of great new additions to the DiPinto roster including Adam from THE WAR ON DRUGS, Ricky Byrd, Original guitarist for JOAN JETT, Nick Anderson IMPERIAL STATE ELECTIC, Nels Kline and lots more!!!

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3 Responses to How to start a guitar company

  1. Phil Henzig says:

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Steve Szirotnyak says:

    Rock on, Sophy, Chris, Damien and Nico!

  3. sophy says:

    Thanks Steve! Good to hear from you!\

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