AMPEG B15-NC 1967 Black $950.00

Rare with 2×15 cab. Speakers are not original. Amp has no covering and needs new tolex and grill. No side handles. Head is not locked down to top of cab but works this way. Head cannot be flipped until it is locked down. Amp sounds increadible and is very usefull in this condition.
A little more TLC and you got a beauty!
Original dolly included.

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AMPEG B-15T 90′s Black flip- top $525.00

Nice solidstate fliptop. Perfect for stage. 100watts so it’s much louder than the older tube version) Low impedance line out (no direct box needed). Tilts back with a metal bar that can be installed on to back of cab. Bad stoles away in cab. Great sound! Lots ow with push/pulls on each knob. great amp!! We put a heavy duty EV 15″ speaker in to increase head-room.


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