Whatever happened to the Galaxie 2?

It’s a question I never EVER hear.  Never.  Ever.  I can’t remember the last time someone asked that.  It’s been years.














I thought for sure the Galaxie 2 would be the model that took off, it was cheaper than the Galaxie 4, and didn’t have that four pickup weirdness going on that the guitar world still has a hard time wrapping it’s head around.

And yet here it is, 15 years later, and the Los Straitjacket Galaxie is far and away our best selling instrument, while the Galaxie 2 has not been available  for over 8 years.

There is a very specific asethetic going on with four pickup guitars.  If you thing I’m overstating things, have a look for yourself:


The thing that really stands out, I think, is that these guitars really stand out. They are all made to grab whatever attention they can get.  They are not plain, they are not guitars for standing on the sidelines with.

And then there is the time frame that these guitars represent.  All of these guitars were made in the 60’s or early 70’s.  Except the Galaxie. I searched high and low for another  a four pickup guitar currently on the market, or something from the recent past. (if you know of any, let us know!)  Even though retro style guitars are making a comeback these days, four pickups still seems too way out there, and no other company has produced one.

When we first exhibited the Galaxie 4 at NAMM there was a lot of eye rolling, a lot of pointing and laughing, but then we started working with Los Straitjackets, and they were drawn to the model like moths to flame.

And the Galaxie 2?  It’s redesigned and ready for a comeback.  Look for it this summer!


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