What’s under the hood?

The DiPinto Mach IV comes standard with a DiPinto double coil pickup in the bridge(actually two DiPinto single coil pickups wired in series) and one DiPinto single coil in the neck. The double coil has a nice big mid-range tone and is great for overdriving a tube amp or playing hard rock distorted passages. Best of all, there is no hum from this pickup. The neck pickup is a single coil DiPinto pickup and while it offers a great straty twang and lots of highs, it does have the annoying 60 cycle hum that is common to all single coil pickups.

Here is a good quick mod you can do to your Mach IV. By adding another DiPinto single coil to the neck pickup you can create your own noiseless pickup. You will need another DiPinto Single coil pickup (available from us direct for $60). Remove the magnet and wire the new coil in series with the neck pickup. To do this you need to disconnect the ground wire from the back of the neck pickup and insert the new coil into the circuit. So black wire from the neck pickup goes to the red wire of the new coil and black wire of the new coil goes to ground.

The best part about this mod is the new coil should fit perfectly into the original cavity of the Mach IV guitar.

NOTE: when you drop the coil into the route you want to flip it upside-down. This will throw  the new pickup into a “reverse wound” position and cause the two coils to hum cancel.

The result is very impressive. of course the tone will change slightly. but I think it’s worth trying if you are like me and can’t stand the buzz!

Good luck!

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2 Responses to What’s under the hood?

  1. Jean says:

    Although it’s an old post, i find it very interesting and useful. When I remove the magnet bar from Di pinto pup, do I have to set it back between this one and the bottom pup? and would it be ok to use any other strat-like single coil pup as hum canceling one? Thanks!

  2. sophy says:

    Hi Jean, you can use any pickup, you’ll need to experiment with it being upside down or right side up, the magnet bar does not have to go back on. If you need more clarification, send some photos of what you’re working on.

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