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  Endorsees/DiPinto Owners:
Los Staitjackets: www.straitjackets.com
Rocket from the Crypt: www.rftc.com
The Eyeliners: www.theeyeliners.com
Luna: www.fuzzywuzzy.com
Cheap Trick: www.cheaptrick.com
Swearing at Motorists: www.swearingatmotorists.com/
Earl Slick: www.earlslick.com/

 Other Non-standard Guitar companies:
Veleno: www.veleno.net
Girlbrand: www.girlbrand.com
Metropolitan: www.metropolitanguitars.com
Musicvox: www.musicvox.com
Phantom Guitar Works: www.phantomguitars.com

 The inspiration, not your everyday vintage guitars:
All kinds of Crazy Guitars!: www.fetishguitars.com
All about Teiscos: www.teiscotwangers.com
All about Univox: www.univox.org
Vintaxe - a little quirky but well organized: www.vintaxe.com

Guitar Player: www.guitarplayer.com
Guitar World: www.guitarworld.com
Guitar One: www.guitaronemag.com
Bass Player: www.bassplayer.com
Vintage Guitar Magazine: www.vintageguitar.com
20th Century Guitar: www.tcguitar.com

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